Love songs at the Galaxy

The concert which took place on March 7th was dedicated to the International Womens Day. It somehow reminded of the filming of a documentary movie, which was about process of the creation and birth of music. In the spacious hall Galaxy which has no stage, in the middle of the room, was nothing but a grand piano and the rows of chairs. The musicians while dressed in casual and not their usual performance costumes were walking in the hall and talking to each other and to the audience who was just coming in to the concert. The audience gathered slowly, sat down and talked to each other, discussing the upcoming program of the concert. But at some point all of the sudden, performers were transformed into their stage costumes and the live music has begun playing.
    The program consisted of several sets of works such as classical, jazz and other genres of music, but since I am not a professional, it is a difficult for me to name them all. From the classics, the concerts performances included serious composers such as Brahms, Mahler, Schumann, Wolf, Britten, jazz - in songs by George Gershwin. There were also songs of the Italian composer and actor Cesare Bixio, Neapolitan composer Ernesto Curtis, as well as a Russian born composer Nicholas Brodszky.
     Now about the performers. They are all young and beautiful, but despite their youth, they have already won the recognition in the music world.
     Mezzo-soprano Fleur Barron - the winner of Liederkranz Foundation in 2013, made her debut at Carnegie Hall. In the season 2015 Fleur is involved in the productions of the four operas Glyndebourne Festival in England. In the 2013-2014 season, she sang the main role in opera "Carmen" at a music festival in Aspen, and she also made her appearance at the Opera House Saint-Louis.
      Pianist Merriam Leskis - who is a solo and accompanist mainly of the chamber music, has appeared on the stage with many famous musicians - such as the contrabassist and conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, Rinat Ibragimov. As a solo performer, Miriam appeared at various prestigious venues in the Jerusalem Theater, as well as in Geneva, New York (Carnegie Hall), and in Germany. Miriam has performed regularly as the accompanist of the singer Fleur Barron.
      Finally, the youngest participant of the concert was Pavel Sulyandziga, who is still a student of the Russian Academy of Music. Despite his age he was already the winner of national and international vocal competitions, including "Silver voice" (2009), All-Russian Singing Competition (2009), the competition "Bella voce" (2012), "Passion of music" (2013, 2014). He is the solo performer of studio RAM at Gnessin Academy of Music. Gnessins career of Pavel includes the performances at prestigious venues in Moscow, in Russian cities and abroad (Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, America); participation in international festivals; awards received at international competitions, and a lot of experience on stage.
       Despite the different experiences and different roles at the concert, they all made a unique ensemble, and brought the audience an incredible pleasure.
      Well, if you continue my comparison of this concert with the filming of the documentary movie - that after the actors changed into their usual casual clothes, they broke into the groups and continued the conversation. And all of the sudden, almost as a surprise for the audience, the evening ended with Pavels performing an area from Eugene Onegin by P.I.Tchaikovsky. He has an absolutely wonderful voice and it was an unbelievable performance by Pavel.
       And of course, I should mention the director and organizer of this concert Olga Slavnina, whose enthusiasm and drive allowed us to enjoy this beautiful music and great voices.

        Translated by Lina Donskaya











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