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Hello! My name is Tsaliy Katsnelson. Now I'm web designer, but all my life before now I was engaged in the development of different kind of devices and goodies. And here in America (where I have arrived 8.5 years ago) computer became my hobby and passion. I have mastered many computer programs: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Wireworks, DreamWeaver, Flash. I developed set of various banners, logo, commercial photos for the auctions, photographs. My special pride are art websites which I have developed for my friends. I have a concept of web design: just like a book or TV which could be not only the way to transfer the information but also the work of art (i.e. transferring more sophisticated and emotional information) so Internetís pages can become those. And also it could become the product of synthetic art similarly to artistic made out book. But if the book would be static and silent the Internetí text could be possibly added with the music, other effects or variety of the colors. In some of the projects I have tried to approach it and got a good responses:  the website of actor Rustem Galitch and the website devoted to the film "Mirror" of the great film director Andrey Tarkovsky. If you would be interested in my works and like to have some extra elements at your website (various banners, logo or commercial photos for auctions) or create the art website I could help you with it for the moderate payment.


About Studio








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