As some of our contributors may know already, Dennis, our editor-in-chief, came down with lymphoma, which is a form of cancer.  Luckily, it is a highly curable form of cancer and the doctors are saying he will be completely fine and back to normal within six months to a year.

Suffering the consequences, Literary New York will be on hiatus until Dennis is back.  For the time being Literary New York will not be accepting submissions.  Please keep checking our website for updates and keep writing.  We will revive in a few months!         

Submission Guidelines

Fiction/Poetry/Plays/Novel Excerpts

Best and fastest way - email your work as MS Word attachment.  We accept snail mail submissions as well, but if your work is accepted, we will ask for either an electronic copy or a diskette.  Submissions should be double-spaced, font size 12, pages numbered.  Please make sure your name, address, email, phone number appear on the first page.  Limits: up to 3 short stories at a time (combined word limit 10,000) and/or up to 5 poems.   


B&W 8 1/2' X 11'  line artwork; preferably ink, no originals please, but a good clear Xerox.  No limit by snail mail; only one piece at a time by email attachment in jpeg format.

Tips, etc.

If you are submitting on a theme we currently have a call for, please write the theme on the envelope or include it in the email subject your work will be read quicker.  Previously published material OK. Simultaneous submissions OK.  Reply time up to 6 months with SASE or email.  Contributor receives one copy.  All rights revert to author upon publication. For more info, email to: