Artwork by Jacques Moiroud

    Shane Allison
         When I Move Out of My Parents’ House
         George Costenza Doesn’t Love Me
     Lina Zeldovich     
         On Love
     Joanne Joseph
             Lunch Hour – No Lunch Hour
     Jennifer Dallas                           
     Krissy Brady     
             Other People
     Esta Fischer    
          Memory Song
     Iris Berman    
          Bad Girls
          Trailer Trash
     Phillip Berliner
          My Cigarette is Burning
       Carol Frances Gilis
     Karl Lorenzen
          Angry Lemon
      Claudette Bakhtiar
              The Husband Factory
         Malcolm Dixon
           The Shed Gang
       Lyn Halper
           The Walls Sing
       Andrew McNabb     
           The Bus Ride South
      Jeanne Dickey
           Drifting to Shore
       Behlor Santi
           The Art of Healing
        Susan Dottino
         All Cued Up
        Taylor Siluwe
            Clean Air? Yeah, Right
         Mark Lassow
            The School Must Burn
        Christiane Zappone
            Variation on Monday Morning